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Lawn Care in Springfield, MO - Landscaping in Springfield, MO

Yoder Lawn in Springfield

Yoder Lawn offers lawn care in Springfield, MO and the surrounding areas.  Yoder Lawn also excels
in landscaping in Springfield, MO, as well as, irrigation, outdoor lighting and much more.

Yoder's Lawn & Landscape, LLC, Lawn Maintenance, Nixa, MO

Missouri Pesticide License

With Yoder Lawn you can rest assured that the technician applying fertilizer or weed and pest control to your lawn is certified and licensed with the state of Missouri

Yoder Lawn, LLC


Founded: 2005

Owners: Tim & Ashleigh Yoder

Degree: Turf & Landscape Management


Areas of expertise:  Landscaping, Fertilization/Weed Control, Irrigatiion, Landscape Lighting and Weekly Lawn Maintance 

Awards & Certifications

Better Business Bureau


Yoder Lawn is a licensed and insured member of the BBB since 2008

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Yoder's Lawn & Landscape, LLC, Lawn Maintenance, Nixa, MO

Company Profile

Your own back yard!


Our goal at Yoder Lawn is to help you create the back or front yard paradise you have always wanted. Longing for new trees and plants? Pavers or natural stone? We’ll guide you through the decisions, providing fresh options and then stand back while you choose your favorites. We bring it all together into a front or back yard design that is beautiful, functional and uniquely yours. Yoder Lawn will be here for you from start to finish and we will be happy to continue to mantain your project for you so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your new green space!